Why Entrepreneurs Need A “Fuck it” Mentality Inspired By Ice T

Fuck It Mentality Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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This week, inspired by Ice T, Cem and Wayne discuss why you need to develop a “Fuck It” mentality when venturing into entrepreneurship. We discuss how “Fuck It” can help you to push past the rules, embrace risk and discover where creativity resides by living on the edge!

What you’ll hear

03:55 – Getting you across the line and the ability to push past the rules
06:30 – Be willing to bend the rules
08:30 – You don’t get credit for being safe in life
12:55 – To take risks you have to go “fuck it!”
16:00 – If you take the risk and it doesn’t work, your world isn’t necessarily over
16:40 – Naivety can be incredibly beneficial
18:25 – “Fuck it” can help you or harm you
23:35 – On the edge is where creation lives
26:45 – Mediocrity doesn’t stand a chance any more
29:00 – A perfect plan executed tomorrow is not as good as a good plan executed now

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