Why It Pays (Big) to Be a Purple Cow Inspired By Seth Godin

Why It Pays Big To Be A Purple Cow Inspired By seth Godin Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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With competition writhe these days, inspired by Seth Godin’s book ‘Purple Cow,’ Cem & Wayne discuss why you and your business need to become remarkable in order to compete in today’s economy because average is well and truly over.

What You’ll Hear

03:15 – The premise of purple cow

08:00 – Consumer’s already have everything they need

09:45 – Combine new ideas to create new results

11:50 – Put less resources into marketing and more into innovation

15:45 – Exceed people’s expectations

16:25 – Build anticipation

17:25 – Connect with people’s emotions

19:05 – Create a “next level” experience

19:55 – Allow your audience to feel enlightened

20:55 – Create an experince in which your audience feel fully present

21:45 – Make your product universal whenever possible

23:00 – Create a NEED to share what you’ve created

24:55 – Create someting that people will never get tired of

25:40 – Make your customers feel as though they are part of an elite group.

27:45 – There’s no traffic on the extra mile

29:00 – Allow yourself a constant state of change

30:40 – You don’t always have to change the biggest machine in your factory

33:00 – The riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.

22:10 – Leverage your time as best you can

26:50 – Develop multiple streams of income

29:10 – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and seek money mentors

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