Why NOT To Become An Entrepreneur

Why Not To Become An Entrepreneur - Featured

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss some telltale signs that you should not become an entrepreneur including cash being your primary motivation, a way to escape your dreaded nine to five and worst of all starting a business so you can become insta-famous!

What You’ll Hear

2:45 – Why entrepreneurship seems sexy  at the moment

5:35 – Why do YOU want to be an entrepreneur?

6:35 – Entrepreneurship comes with its own challenges

14:15 – Do you understand what entrepreneurship really means?

15:45 – Do you just want the identity that comes with being an entrepreneur?

17:45 – People will assume that you’re rich (or unemployed)

19:40 – Don’t do it just for the money…

23:00 – A large percentage of what you’ll do in the beginning will not actually be your passion

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