Why We’re All Self-Employed

At some point or another, we’ve all felt underpaid for the value we create for our employers. The truth is, when you work for someone other than yourself you instantly become an investment for that company. Investments must then make more money than their upkeep; otherwise that’s just bad business.

“We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.” – Jim Rohn

In a recent 48 days Podcast by Dan Miller he stated that, “We should all see ourselves as being self employed.” What I love about this statement is that Dan is not saying we should all quit our jobs and start our own businesses but instead he is saying that we should understand that our value/salary is directly related to our ability to make money for ourselves or someone else.

Unfortunately the current educational system is set up to suppress our natural ability to sell, pushing more people towards employment rather than giving us the skills and confidence to create money-making system for ourselves.
Dan miller goes on to say that… “If you don’t think you could survive in your own business it says three things about you…”

1) You don’t think you’re good enough for people to pay you.
2) You’re not willing to build your own client base.
3) You want to be subsided by a business to make up for your weaknesses.

Although this may seem rather harsh, it’s true and is the reason why most of us hold off from ever going it alone.

Employed = Less Initial Leg Work → More Hours → Less Pay

Self Employed = High Initial Leg Work → Less Hours → More Pay

(This is a generalisation but you get my gist)

Whenever you take a job from an employer you can expect to earn around a third to a fifth of your overall value. For example, if you get paid £30k a year your employer will expect you to brings in between £90K-£150K or more in value to the company, that’s good business!

In an economy where competitions for jobs is writhe and average is over, it’s those who embrace the self-employed mentality of increasing their value for themselves, for someone else or both that prosper.

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  • lizard

    I already had a career working for myself. And the problem w self employment in our great nation of opportunity is you are taxed at 42% !!?? Choke on that. The game is rigged against the avg person of spirit succeeding when half of your income is automatically taken. How do people deal with thid horrenfous rxploitive taxation penalty for working independently from the indentured employee track. Frankly labor is screwed in the US. Any thoughts? I already had my career. And it is nothing like the high hopes you people have for your future in a degenerate corporate govt collusion against working citizens simply labor to be squeezed to the last bloody drop by capital interests that own all branches of Govt. Forget about getting ahead and accept your pisition as servicing tthe industry that makes the super rich richer and

    • Cem

      Thanks again for reading. There are a lot of things we can’t change over night such as taxation and the current economy but we can change our attitude towards it. This is a great video by Jim Rohn you should check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCuqFs0h3ig – Cem