Why Your Job Shouldn't Define You

Why Your Job Shouldn't Define You - Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss why you should not fall in the trap of letting your job define you. We explain why it’s more important to figure out WHO you want to become not WHAT you want to do in order to lead a more empowered life contributing to others.

What You’ll Hear

03:15 – Don’t worry about “what you want to be when you grow up”. Worry about “who”.
05:55 – When you describe yourself is your occupation the first thing that comes out of your mouth?
07:30 – Are we putting too much emphasis on career?
09:20 – Are you using your occupation to re-enforce stereotypes?
13:15 – Are you defining yourself with a job you hate?
15:40 – What qualities are you trying to put across when you define yourself with your occupation?
19:15 – Stop saying what you do and talk about how you like to express yourself.
22:50 – Is personal branding a solution to defining yourself with your job?
26:15 – People want to see who you are now over what you do. 
28:35 – Who are you when you don’t have that job anymore?
30:05 – What do you want your eulogy to say 

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