43. Why Your Willpower Sucks And What To Do About It

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In this episode Cem and Wayne talk about two of the biggest factors towards the success or failure of your 2015; willpower and stress. They discuss the personal energy crisis that many of us face and how that energy crisis often effects the decisions that we make and the life we are able create. We also talk about why reframing how we relate to stress can destroy procrastination and help you to get more done this year.

What you’ll hear

03:00 – The Personal Energy Crisis

03:40 – Stress depleting willpower

04:45 – Understanding why you might be failing

06:00 – Badly rewarding yourself for success

07:10 – Your future self

08:30 – How stress is linked to your willpower

09:00 – Choice creating stress

10:00 – Your body naturally wants you to buy the badfood

11:30 – Social proofing and willpower

12:15 – The power of delayed decision

13:50 – The What-The-Hell Effect

15:00 – Stress – A good thing?

22:15 – Making small changes to preserve willpower

23:30 – Labelling things as goodand bad

25:45 – Baby steps and not beating yourself up

27:40 – Level up your willpower

29:30 – Changing your environment to reduce willpower depletion

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