Why you’re the most valuable currency.

When you think about it money is just a promise. It’s an ‘I owe you’ on a piece of paper to something that is not actually tangible, which is why it’s perfectly legal for any one to start their own currency. So, if money is just a promise, what are we really working for?

Our ancestors grew their own food, built their own houses and made their own clothes but nowadays we can get someone else to do those things for us, and so all we’re really paying for is convenience. Convenience for our most valuable asset – time.

The worst part of this bargain is that there are so many people out there working jobs they hate just to pay for their conveniences, their mobile phone, their car insurance, their own place.

Gold holds it value through scarcity, you are one in seven billion. Just as money can inflate and deflate, unless you’re willing to add value to your life through knowledge, kindness and doing what you love, you’ll be in a constant recession.

It’s true, everybody loves convenience but if it comes at the cost of your personal growth are you really getting value for your time?