Will it work? Is it what I’m supposed to be doing?

If like me you’re constantly thinking up ideas for new ventures then you will almost always battle with these two questions.

Will it work?┬áThis is always the first thing that comes to mind and is your rational lizard brain weighing up the probability of success in comparison to your own personal knowledge. It’s also the part the brain that deciphers every possible reason why you’re going to fail in full HD mind visuals.

The second question, Is it what I’m supposed to be doing? Is your brains reminder that your life is limited a so starting something new that has no guarantee of success is probably not worth starting.

For artists, these two questions are the bane of your life but are a healthy part of the creative process. Only when we challenge them head on are we able to overcome the initial fear and get comfortable dancing with failure.

So, next time your lizard brain throws you one of these questions reply back with “F**k knows but I’m going to give it a go anyway,” I promise you you’ll get a lot more done and you may even blow your own mind.

Evil Brain - I've got a great idea - It will never work

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