Year of the Stonebreaker

There are two types of Stonebreaker. The first is the person who is allocated a task and completes it to their manager’s specification.  Hit the rock, break in two, and receive your cheque.

The second type of Stonebreaker is the one who is a given a rock, hits it with their heart and instead creates a work of Art.

The new economy no longer requires the physical worker, the mindless worker, the obedient worker – these can be outsourced cheaply elsewhere or easily replaced.

We all have to break stones. But it’s the way in which we break them that really matters. This New Year ask yourself, why are you breaking stones? If it’s not for personal growth – are you really just breaking stones?

Two types of stonebreakers

     Henry Moore at work                              Henry Wallis – The Stonebreaker 1984