You Don’t Need To Get On A Plane To Find Yourself

Living in London, you always bump into young people traveling from around the world and why not, travel is cheaper than ever and millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than saving for their first home.

But once you get talking to these travellers it’s usually the same old story, they’ve travelled through Asia, Europe, America or wherever but it all started from the same thought, they had had enough of their lifestyles back home.

I love travelling. It’s a great way to tap out of the matrix for a few weeks or months and reflect on where you would like to go next in life but often people return feeling worst than when they left. Weeks of freedom, meeting new people and living untangled from the clock and your monotonous routine is one of the greatest highs out there but like my brother said to me once, “It’s easy to mediate when things are going well but can you still do it when the shit has hit the fan?”

“Nobody has to get on a plane to reconnect with themselves.”

Our gut and intuition is always available even in the hectic bustle of our daily lives back at home. Instead, we must cultivate the ability to be silent amongst the noise, the deadlines, the bills because it is there.

“Peace comes from within, not only when you’re looking off a cliff edge in a foreign land.”

Keep traveling, but travel for the right reasons and without expectations. The you you feel abroad is the you who also lives back home, a new location just gives you a second chance to choose how you will show up but you have that choice today.

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Cem Yildiz


Other than running the Powerful Nonsense blog and podcast, Cem is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses.

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