Youth Enterprise, Education & Karma w/ Richard Strudwick

In this episode Cem, Wayne and special guest Richard Strudwick discuss the opportunities and challenges for youth enterprise in the new digital economy. They talk about where the educational system is at and where it needs to be heading in order to foster young entrepreneurs, why good karma can lead to good business and finally we bust through some of the misleading glamour associated with the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

What you’ll hear

04:00 – Who is Richard Strudwick?
06:30“You don’t need to know what you’re going to be when you grow up.”
09:00 – The transition from a job to entrepreneurship
11:00“It’s all about action”
11:55 – 9 Year olds in business
12:30 – Getting out of the comparison trap
14:00 – The public view of entrepreneurs is unbalanced
16:00 – Why bravery is an attractive quality
17:25“Schools don’t deserve the bad press that they’re getting.”
21:25 – Public sector systems don’t move quick enough
23:00Xing Smoothies
26:00 – School will become about skills rather than knowledge
28:00“We should be careful about saying too many negative things about the world of work.”
30:25 – How digital is changing youth enterprise
31:55 – Is the digital divide a significant problem?
33:40 – Work out what you want to get out of life
35:45 – Business karma
37:15 – Why your book of ideas is useless
39:05 – Measuring success
41:30 – What can you expect from the entrepreneurial life-style
44:30 – The importance of staying healthy
46:25 – Starting your business on a budget
50:00 – Why you should focus on the stuff that you’re good at
51:50 – You can be anything that you want to be (if you work hard)

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